Looking for a quick and delicious option for lunch? Let us handle it for you!

Our Lunch Box Specials are only $12 and available every day until 4 PM.

Each special includes one of the entrees listed below, one side of your choice and two pieces of cornbread. Add an additional side for $3. 

Lunch Box Special Items

The Monroe Special (Portobello & Cheese)

A filling and satisfying vegetarian sandwich made with grilled portobello mushroom and velvety melted cheese. This sandwich is a great option for a tasty lunch! 

Hot Links

Grilled smoky Cajun andouille. A classic Southern flavor, our andouille hot links are packed with spicy flavors like paprika, black pepper, red pepper, and more. These hotlinks have a smoky, deep, and rich flavor that’s sure to satisfy your lunchtime hunger with each and every bite!


Grilled or fried Southern-style. Our grilled catfish is seasoned just enough to complement its naturally sweet flavor, then grilled to perfection. Our Southern-style fried catfish is breaded by hand before being fried. We always serve fried catfish that flawlessly crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy and savory on the inside.  

Alabama Fried Chicken

When you order our Alabama fried chicken you get thick-cut, extra crispy, juicy, and thoroughly seasoned fried chicken. It’s as crispy and satisfying as you would expect from an authentic soul food kitchen!

BBQ Chicken

Smoked, slow-cooked chicken that’s perfectly tender and juicy and always given a complete rubdown to make sure it’s thoroughly seasoned and your chicken is full of flavor. Our BBQ chicken is finished off with our signature BBQ sauce once you order it.

BBQ Rib Tips

A short section cut off spare ribs to make St. Louis ribs, rib tips are very meaty and contain no bone. Rib tips are made up of mild meat that easily takes on the flavor of whatever they’re seasoned with, so we always give them a thorough rubdown and let them marinate for 24 hours before being smoking and chargrilling them. The finishing touch is our signature sauce, which isn’t put on until after they’re ordered.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

This cut may be shorter and leaner than spare ribs, but it makes up for this with more tenderness and less tendency to dry out because they have less bone and fat. When preparing our baby back ribs, they’re given a thorough rubdown and set to marinate for 24 hours before being smoked and chargrilled to ensure that every bite is full of flavor. The finishing touch is our signature sauce, which isn’t put on the rib until you’ve ordered it. 

St. Louis Ribs

A particularly meaty rib cut, St. Louis ribs tend to have more fat than other cuts of ribs, making them especially flavorful and satisfying. As with all of our ribs, they’re given a thorough rubdown of seasoning and set to marinate for 24 hours before being smoked and chargrilled to ensure that every bite is full of flavor. We finish it off with our signature sauce, which we never put on the rib until you’ve ordered it.


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Customer Testimonials

"OMFG! Best Lunch Deal in Oceanside!!! Before 4 pm, Felix offers up a variety of proteins in generous portions with fries and coleslaw for only $11...you can't beat that! Since I live 30 miles away, I took advantage and ordered two lunches for myself: fried chicken, and St Louis Ribs...fried chicken wings! You'll be blessed with a generous serving of a thigh, leg, and wing...the skin is crispy, thick, seasoned nicely, with juicy meat on the inside. The ribs are good too, three humongous meaty pork ribs. You can upgrade your sides for 50 cents each, I recommend the tasty red beans n rice, cheesy mac n cheese, or the amazing collard greens. The cornbread muffins are moist and buttery."
Chun P.
"If you're looking for quality BBQ, look no further. Between the amazing ribs, the savory sides, and the large portions, no matter what you get you're in for a treat. We finished off our brisket and ribs meal with a sweet potato cheesecake that was heavenly. The mac and cheese was cheesy and delicious, the greens were seasoned perfectly and were nice and tender, the cornbread muffins hit the spot, and the mashed potatoes made me feel right at home... run, don't walk to grab yourself a rib or a half chicken!"
Julio G.