Bringing Southern Soul to Southern California

southern food in san diego

Our founder, Felix Berry, began his experience with cooking at home with his mom and family. Through these experiences, he gained the knowledge he now has of authentic Alabama-style cooking.

His experience with the art of BBQ also began at just twelve years old. At the time, his mother was a beautician with a client married to a gentleman by the name of James Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell owned a BBQ restaurant right down the block, and at twelve, Felix began working as a busboy at Mr. Mitchell’s BBQ restaurant. In Felix’s opinion, one of the most important things that Mr. Mitchell instilled in him is that when it comes to barbecue, “the flavor comes from the smoke.”

It was through cooking with his family and working at Mr. Mitchell’s restaurant that he learned the true meaning of soul food, which he describes as “the level of care that goes into cooking and serving food”, as well as “giving the best of what you have to those you love”, and of course, “cooking from the heart.”

However, behind the success of Felix’s BBQ is not just a great man with a great story, but an even greater culture. It’s Felix’s belief that the service industry has a “higher calling” and that the real joy of the business comes from making a difference in people’s day-to-day lives. What further sets Felix apart is that this doesn’t just apply to his customers, but his staff as well.

Felix looks at his business as a “platform disguised as a restaurant” where he can encourage and help his staff to “grow right now, be happy with their lives right now and not delay happiness today for some future plan.”

In doing so, he not only develops every area of talent in the restaurant but has ultimately created a passionate culture that breeds success. Felix knows that nurturing a healthy curiosity in his people to want to be the best in class and experience the joy of a job well done is vital to success: “without the passion of your team, success is limited.”

As for his customers, Felix feels that “hospitality may be becoming a lost art” and that great customer service “shouldn’t be just reserved for white linen restaurants, but all restaurants – even hot dog stands!” This philosophy, combined with some solid core values, makes it easy to understand why Felix’s BBQ With Soul has become the community pillar that it is today!

Get the Best Southern Food in San Diego at Felix’s BBQ With Soul

If you’re looking for authentic Southern food in San Diego, all of these staples and more can be found on the menu at any of our four Felix’s BBQ With Soul locations!

Felix knows what customers expect when they come to us for their soul food favorites. This is why we’re committed to providing every customer that walks through our doors with an authentic experience. Apart from the Southern hospitality and welcoming environment, we strive to provide every customer with, we only serve the highest quality BBQ and soul food. This is why our food isn’t until made it’s been ordered. This may require a bit longer of a wait time from our customers, but believe us when we tell you it’s worth the wait!

At Felix’s BBQ With Soul, we also believe that meals are made better when they’re enjoyed with your favorite people, so we welcome you to visit us either in Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, or Lake Elsinore. Our goal isn’t just to provide you with great food, but the experience that we believe should come with enjoying BBQ and soul food as well. We want you to feel just as comfortable here as you would be at home! Order online today or come see us in person.