10 Delicious Soul Food Dishes for Your Next Group Order

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When you and your family are in the mood for a delicious meal that tastes just as good as anything homemade without being homemade, you can’t go wrong with a group order of soul food! We offer plenty of soul food options for groups of all sizes to have their perfect meal. Keep reading to learn more about soul food and all the options from Felix’s BBQ With Soul!

All About Soul Food

Although soul food is now well known throughout the United States, this cuisine originally started in Black communities of the Southern United States. The term “soul food” was not used in print until 1964 but the Southern cooking traditions that create the foundation of this cuisine have been around since long before the 1960s.

Rural Southern home cooking made use of locally raised and gathered foods alongside other inexpensive ingredients. The resourcefulness of these cooks is exactly what the term “soul food” is intended to celebrate. This resourcefulness and skill are what allowed Southern cooks to create a distinctive food culture in spite of limited resources.

Now, we’ll discuss the staples of soul food that make up the base of food we know and love, starting with corn. Corn is used to make a variety of dishes, like cornbread, hush puppies, and hominy grits. Rice is a typical side dish and it’s especially popular in soul food originating from the Carolinas and Louisiana. When it comes to sweetening soul food, molasses, and sorghum syrup are the most popular choices. Chicken and pig also appear in many dishes. Their popularity is most likely due to the fact that these animals could easily be raised on small farms without requiring special feed. Other soul food essentials include catfish, and vegetables with African origins like okra, sweet potatoes, greens, cabbage, and beans.

Soul Food Options For Your Next Group Order

Now, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular soul food dishes, as well as what options we have available for group orders from our family-style meals, pick-up party packs, and pans to go. 

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has long been revered as a cherished and iconic soul food item, deeply rooted in African American culinary traditions. With its crispy, golden-brown coating and juicy, flavorful meat, it captivates palates and ignites feelings of comfort and nostalgia. The process of seasoning, marinating, and frying chicken to perfection has been passed down through generations, infusing the dish with cultural significance and familial bonds. This is a dish that transcends mere sustenance, evoking a sense of community, tradition, and the enduring legacy of soul food cuisine.

We offer a few different group order options for fried chicken. From our Pans to Go section, we have a variety of options including fried chicken strips, fried chicken wings, and classic fried chicken. Each of these has three pan-size options, capable of feeding anywhere from 8 to 26 people. The ⅓ pan serves 8-10, ½ pan serves 13-15, and the full pan serves 24-26.

A fried chicken platter is available from our Family Style Meals, which includes 48 pieces of fried chicken, a ⅓ pan of potato salad, and one dozen cornbread.

Finally, our fried chicken fingers platter from our Pick-Up Party Packs makes a great appetizer. The small platter serves up to 12 people while the large can serve up to 25.

Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese, a quintessential soul food side dish, is the epitome of comfort and indulgence. This classic favorite features macaroni noodles generously coated in a rich, creamy cheese sauce. The combination of gooey melted cheese and tender pasta creates a heavenly dish that’s hard to resist. 

The soulful twist includes a blend of cheeses, resulting in a melty, flavorful experience that satisfies both young and old taste buds alike. Whether served as a side or enjoyed as a main course, macaroni and cheese holds a special place in soul food culture, offering a warm and nostalgic taste of home.

If you’re in the mood for a group order of mac and cheese, we have you covered with an option from our Pans to Go. You can choose from a ⅓ pan that serves 15, a ½ pan that serves 20, or a full pan that serves 50. 

However large or small your group is, we have a perfect option!

Collard Greens

 Collard greens, a staple in soul food cuisine, showcase the rich flavors of slow-cooked, tender greens. These leafy vegetables are simmered for hours with seasonings like smoked ham hocks or bacon, resulting in a dish that is both hearty and savory. The collard greens release their natural flavors, infusing the broth with a delightful smokiness. With each bite, you’ll experience a harmonious blend of earthiness and robustness, making collard greens the perfect accompaniment to any soul food feast. Whether it’s piled atop a plate of cornbread or on the side of your favorite soul food entree, this is a dish that embodies the soul and depth of Southern cooking.

You can order traditional collard greens from our Pans to Go, choosing from a ⅓ pan that serves 10, ½ pan that serves 15, or a full pan that serves 40. We’re here to help you feed groups of all sizes!


Cornbread, a beloved soul food side, is a testament to the simple yet delightful combination of cornmeal, flour, and other key ingredients. This golden, slightly sweet bread boasts a crumbly texture and a subtle hint of corn flavor. 

Served in muffin form, square, or a traditional slice, cornbread pairs perfectly with any soul food dish, complementing its rich flavors. Its versatility allows it to be enjoyed as a standalone treat, dipped in soups or stews, or used to soak up delicious gravies. With its comforting taste and nostalgic appeal, cornbread brings warmth and nostalgia to any soul food spread.

As a soul food restaurant, you know we have to have cornbread options for group orders! We offer choices from our Pans to Go menu and all of our Family Style Meals include one dozen cornbread. If you choose to order from our Pans to Go, you’ll have choices of a ⅓ pan with 12 muffins, ½ pan with 24 muffins, or a full pan with 48 muffins. 

Fried Catfish 

Fried catfish holds a special place in soul food cuisine, with its crispy exterior and tender, flaky flesh. This iconic dish features catfish filets coated in seasoned cornmeal or flour breading, then deep-fried to perfection. The result is a delightful combination of textures, with a crunchy outer layer that gives way to moist and flavorful fish inside. 

Served with tartar sauce or a squeeze of lemon, fried catfish offers a satisfying seafood experience that’s comforting and indulgent. Its popularity as a soul food item stems from its Southern roots and ability to bring a taste of the coast to any soul food feast.

When your group wants fried catfish, we have what you’re looking for! Choose from Pans to Go or our Pick-Up Party Packs. For a smaller group, the ⅓ pan serves 8-10, for larger groups, we have a ½ pan that serves 13-15 and a full pan that serves 24-26. For an appetizer from our Pick-Up Party Packs, we offer a small platter that serves 12 or a large platter that serves 25. We have catfish options for groups of all sizes!

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a beloved soul food side dish that brings together the comforting flavors of potatoes, mayonnaise, and a variety of seasonings. This creamy and satisfying dish features diced potatoes mixed with crunchy vegetables like celery and onions, creating a delightful combination of textures. The tangy dressing, made with mayo, mustard, and vinegar, adds a zesty kick that enhances the overall taste. 

Whether served at backyard barbecues, family gatherings, or picnics, potato salad is a crowd-pleaser that perfectly complements other soul food classics. Its versatility and comforting qualities make it a staple on Southern tables and a symbol of hospitality and togetherness.

For a group order of potato salad, you can order a ⅓ pan that serves 10, a ½ pan that serves 15, or a full pan that serves 40 from our Pans to Go. A ⅓ pan of potato salad is also included in all of our Family Style Meals.


Gumbo is a beloved and iconic soul food dish that originates from Louisiana. This flavorful and hearty stew showcases a unique blend of West African, French, and Spanish culinary influences. Gumbo consists of a rich, roux-based broth packed with a variety of ingredients such as andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, and an assortment of vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and okra. 

The combination of spices, herbs, and seasonings creates a complex and savory flavor profile that is both comforting and deeply satisfying. Served over a bed of rice, gumbo is a soul-warming dish that brings people together and represents the diverse cultural heritage of the region.

To enjoy more than enough delicious gumbo for groups of any size, order from our Pans to Go menu. One quart of gumbo serves 4, a ½ gallon serves 8, and 1 gallon serves 16. Make sure everyone is satisfied when you make a group order for Felix’s gumbo!

Red Beans and Rice

Red beans and rice is a quintessential soul food dish known for its rich, hearty flavors and cultural significance. This comforting dish consists of slow-cooked red kidney beans, simmered with a medley of spices, onions, bell peppers, and celery. The beans become tender and creamy, absorbing the flavors of the seasonings and aromatics. Served over a bed of fluffy white rice, red beans and rice creates a harmonious blend of textures and flavors that is both satisfying and nourishing. 

You can get red beans and rice from our Pans to Go menu in a ⅓ pan, which serves 15, a ½ pan that serves 20, or a full pan that serves 50.

Choose Soul Food From Felix’s BBQ With Soul for Your Next Group Order

When you’re looking for delicious and authentic soul food for your group order, choose Felix’s BBQ With Soul. Choosing catering from us will help you make sure that your guests will love your food while making your life easier, too. We offer various catering options to meet your needs, no matter how big or small your gathering will be.

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