Felix Berry, Owner & Founding Chef of Felix’s BBQ With Soul, Interviewed in the San Diego Union-Tribune Article

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Felix’s BBQ With Soul’s very own Felix Berry was recently included in a San Diego Union-Tribune article interviewing nine of San Diego’s top chefs. The article, written by Pam Kragen, details why these chefs love what they do and their favorite dishes from restaurants other than their own. Felix chronicles the journey that led him from Alabama to open a San Diego barbeque restaurant and why soul food is so essential to who we are. Keep reading to learn more about our signature dish, Felix’s favorite dish from another restaurant, and more!

The Beginning of Felix Berry’s Passion for BBQ

The article describes how Felix’s passion for barbeque began when he was just 12 years old and busing tables at Mitchell’s BBQ, a famed barbeque restaurant located in Ohio. This experience set the foundation he needed to eventually open his own San Diego barbeque restaurant.

Before opening Felix’s BBQ With Soul, however, Felix started his experience in the restaurant business as a waiter, following this, he joined Continental Restaurant Systems’s Foodmaker Division. It was this experience that brought him to San Diego, where he was trained to run a restaurant by executives including George Hauer, founder of George’s at the Cove in La Jolla.

Bringing BBQ to San Diego

Felix explains our motto: “Barbeque is what we do. Soul food is who we are.” This is exemplified by the love and care that goes into each and every dish we make from scratch, as well as the Southern hospitality that we provide to each and every guest.

Felix originally opened the restaurant in 2008, then acquired a catering business in 2015, and has since opened 3 more locations in Carlsbad, Lake Elsinore, and most recently, San Marcos. He also recently began a ghost kitchen focused on Mexican food called Felix’s Casa.

As for the Felix’s BBQ With Soul menu, while some recipes come from his family favorites, others were adapted from what he learned from Mitchell’s BBQ, and some are his very own recipes. Overall, the menu borrows from a variety of barbeque styles, like Louisiana, Tennessee, and Ohio.

BBQ and Soul Food Made With Care – Felix’s BBQ With Soul

You can read the full article on the San Diego Union-Tribune website and learn more about our signature dish, the beef brisket platter.

When you’re looking for authentic San Diego barbeque and soul food made with care, visit any of our locations! At Felix’s BBQ With Soul, our goal isn’t just to provide our customers with great food, but with the Southern hospitality that should go along with BBQ and Soul Food as well. 

When you step into any of our locations, our goal is to make sure you feel just as comfortable and welcome as you would at home. Visit us today. You can even order ahead of time online. We hope we’ll see you soon!

Featured image by K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune