4 Reasons to Visit a Soul Restaurant

soul restaurant

Soul food is a delicious and well-loved style of cooking thanks to the nostalgia connected to it and the fact that, for many, it reminds them of home cooking lovingly prepared by their mothers or grandmothers. However, some people don’t have this nostalgic connection to soul food and have never tried it. This blog is specifically for them. We want to talk about what we consider some great reasons why you should visit a soul restaurant and give soul food a try!

If you know anyone that hasn’t tried soul food or visited a soul restaurant, share this article to convince them to join you next time you visit Felix’s BBQ With Soul.

#1: Experience Southern hospitality

When you visit any restaurant, you probably expect a great customer experience. This includes feeling welcomed and feeling like you’re being well cared for by the restaurant staff. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case at many restaurants, for a variety of reasons. However, at a soul restaurant, and particularly at Felix’s BBQ With Soul, a special effort is made to provide patrons with a true feeling of Southern hospitality.

What does this mean for you when you visit one of our Southern California locations? It means being polite, providing you with high-quality food good enough to have been home cooked, and, of course, providing kindness and helpfulness! Felix, our founder, believes that great customer service should be found in all restaurants, and it shows in the environment we’ve created at our restaurants!

#2: Feel at home

As we mentioned, welcoming customer service is an important part of the experience of eating at Felix’s BBQ With Soul. We want our restaurant to feel like a home away from home for you, where you can go and enjoy a meal that tastes like it was lovingly cooked by your family. That’s one of the great things about soul food–it tastes like home, even if you didn’t grow up eating it!

When you visit a soul restaurant, you’ll not only have an experience that makes you feel like you’re home, the food will transport you as well. Soul food is considered to be the ultimate comfort food by many, and we believe that’s for good reason. With classic favorites like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, just about everyone has at least some familiarity with soul food.

So if you’re looking for new food that isn’t too far out of your comfort zone, provides a casual way to enjoy great food with friends or family, and feels like you’re enjoying fantastic home cooking, you can’t go wrong with soul food!

#3: Soul food’s history is as rich as its flavors

We believe that part of what makes soul food so great is its long, full history. We won’t dive too deep into it here because we have an entire blog post dedicated to it, but we can’t discuss the greatness of soul food without mentioning its history.

This is a food tradition that began in the kitchens of the rural South, where the ingredients used were locally raised and gathered foods and other inexpensive ingredients. Soul food, and soul restaurants, are a celebration of the resourcefulness and skill of Southern cooks who created a distinct (and delicious!) food culture in spite of limited resources.

Help us keep these traditions alive and celebrate this history by trying soul food for yourself!

#4: Great variety of foods

Finally, we couldn’t finish a list of all the reasons why soul food is great without mentioning the food itself!

A great thing about soul food is its variety and diversity. We truly believe that there is something for everyone to love in soul food. Whether you prefer, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, shrimp, or you like to mix it up, there’s a soul food dish that features one (or more) of these options. As if this abundance of meats weren’t enough, soul food’s classic side dishes offer even more variety. Red beans with rice, black-eyed peas, macaroni & cheese, collard greens, braised cabbage, candied yams, hoppin john, potato salad, Southern-style baked beans with bacon, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes & gravy allow you to customize your meal to your heart’s content!

However, soul food doesn’t just offer great lunch and dinner meal options. There are also plenty of breakfast dishes for you to enjoy, like biscuits and gravy, chicken & waffles, chicken fried steak, fried salmon croquets, and so much more! You’ll even find vegetarian options if you or someone you know doesn’t eat meat.

Being able to keep everyone in your group satisfied, or just provide plenty of options so you can always try a new dish, is something a soul restaurant can provide that other restaurants can’t! Take a look at our full menu to see everything we have to offer.

Visit Felix’s BBQ With Soul–Your New Favorite Soul Restaurant

If you’re looking for an authentic soul restaurant in Southern California, stop by any of our locations in Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, or Lake Elsinore!

We’re committed to providing each and every customer with high-quality food that is prepared with care. We also believe that meals are made better when they’re enjoyed with your favorite people, so we encourage you to bring friends and family along for your meal!

Our goal isn’t just to provide you with great food, but the experience that we believe should come with enjoying BBQ and soul food as well. Visit us in person, call ahead, or order online to try our soul food favorites for yourself!