A Closer Look at the Felix’s BBQ Menu: Lunch Box Specials

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Trying to decide what you’ll have for lunch every day gets tiring, and on top of that, you still have to make your lunch! Other days, you simply don’t have the time to prepare anything. But where can you go to get a lunch that’s served in generous portions, tastes great, and has a great price? Look no further than the Felix’s BBQ menu! Our Lunch Box Specials offer a fantastic deal for anyone interested in changing things up or just letting someone else handle lunch for once.

Keep reading to learn more about our Lunch Box Specials and why you should give them a try for your lunch sometime.

Lunch Box Special Details

So here are all the details about our Lunch Box Specials: it’s available from any of our four locations, although it’s only available for pick-up from the Carlsbad location, which does not currently offer a dine-in option. However, our other three locations – Oceanside, San Marcos, and Lake Elsinore – offer dine-in, so you can enjoy your Lunch Box Special however you prefer.

When you order a Lunch Box Special, your meal will include one entree, fries, and coleslaw. Of course, you can always substitute your sides for whatever your favorites are, but substitutions include an additional charge. Here’s the best part: our Lunch Box Specials are only $12, so you’ll be getting a great meal for an even better price!

The Lunch Box Specials are available every day until 4 PM, so you have plenty of time to stop by and enjoy lunch with us.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s included in this part of the Felix’s BBQ menu!

What’s on the Menu: Lunch Box Special Items

Our Lunch Box Special menu features 8 entree items, many of which are known for being guest favorites, so we’re sure that you’ll find something you’ll find on the menu!

The Monroe Special. This vegetarian sandwich is perfect for our non-meat-eating friends! In addition to being delicious, this sandwich is filling, satisfying, and made up of grilled mushroom and velvety melted cheese topped with various grilled vegetables. Complemented with a side of fries or whatever your sides of choice, this is a great option for a tasty lunch!

Hot Links. These hot links feature a classic Southern flavor of grilled smoky Cajun andouille. These hot links are packed with perfect spicy flavors as well, so they not only have an amazing smoky taste but a bit of kick as well. Order these hot links for a smoky, deep, and rich flavor that’ll be sure to satisfy your lunchtime hunger with every bite!

Catfish. Enjoy our catfish whichever way you prefer, whether that’s grilled or fried in a classic Southern style. Either way, we’re sure that you’ll love it! When you order our grilled catfish, it’ll be seasoned just enough to complement its naturally sweet flavor before it’s grilled to perfection. But if you prefer Southern-style fried catfish, you can be sure that it’ll be breaded by hand before it’s fried just enough to be crispy on the outside, and wonderfully juicy and savory on the inside.

Alabama Fried Chicken. If you prefer fried chicken, you’ll love this entree. Get thick-cut, extra crispy, juicy, and thoroughly seasoned fried chicken with this meal. It’s as crispy and satisfying as you would expect from an authentic soul food kitchen!

BBQ Chicken. This entree features smoked, slow-cooked chicken that’s perfectly tender, juicy, and always given a complete rubdown to make sure it’s thoroughly seasoned and that your chicken is always full of flavor. Finally, our BBQ chicken is topped off with our signature BBQ sauce after ordered, so it’s always fresh and delicious.

BBQ Rib Tips. Our rib tips are always deliciously meaty and contain no bone. They’re made with mild meat that easily takes on the flavor of whatever they’re seasoned with, so we always give them a thorough rubdown and let them marinate for 24 hours before they’re smoked and chargrilled. The finishing touch is our signature sauce, which isn’t put on until after they’re ordered for the freshest rib tips.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs. When preparing our baby back ribs, they’re always given a thorough rubdown and set to marinate for 24 hours before being smoked and chargrilled to ensure that every bite is full of flavor. The finishing touch is our signature sauce, which isn’t put on the rib until you’ve ordered it.

St. Louis Ribs. A particularly meaty rib cut, St. Louis ribs tend to have more fat than other cuts of ribs, making them especially flavorful and satisfying. As with all of our ribs, they’re given a thorough rubdown with seasoning and set to marinate for 24 hours before being smoked and chargrilled to ensure that every bite is full of flavor. We finish it with our signature sauce, which we never put on the rib until you’ve ordered it to ensure freshness.

Make Lunch Simple When You Order From Felix’s BBQ Menu!

We know that sometimes you just need to take a break from it all and enjoy an excellent, delicious lunch that you didn’t have to cook or put together. Let us help make lunch easy for you with a Lunch Box Special from the Felix’s BBQ menu. Even better, our Lunch Box Specials are always a great option for a lunch break from work with coworkers. The only thing better than a great meal is a great meal enjoyed with friends!

Find the perfect lunchtime meal at any of our four locations in San Diego County and Lake Elsinore. Our goal isn’t just to provide our customers with great food, but the experience that we believe should come with enjoying BBQ and soul food as well. When you step into any of our locations, we’ll make sure you feel just as comfortable as you would at home.

Enjoy a meal with us today by calling ahead, ordering online, or stopping by one of our locations. We hope we’ll see you soon!