Celebrating the Felix’s BBQ With Soul Family With Employee Appreciation Day

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” H.E. Luccock perfectly describes the importance of working as a team and employee appreciation with this quote. Alone, you can perform one part of a symphony, but to play every part to perfection, you need a team. While you may not think that a restaurant and orchestra have much in common, the teamwork required to play a beautiful symphony or run a great restaurant is the same!

At Felix’s BBQ With Soul, we know that our customers feel like family, so of course, we want our wonderful employees to feel like family too! We know that without our incredible team, we wouldn’t have the amazing food that we serve every day. That’s why we also believe it’s crucial to let our employees know how important they are to our success and that they’re truly appreciated. Just like we couldn’t have made it through these past 2 years without our amazing customers, we couldn’t have done it without a fantastic team putting their all into making the best food and providing our customers with a great experience every time they visit one of our locations.

This is why on October 25, we closed all four of our Felix’s BBQ With Soul locations so we could spend the day showing some employee appreciation! Team members from all of our locations came together to enjoy a day of bowling fun. At the end of the day, employee appreciation day was a success and we finished the day refreshed and reenergized to get back to serving our communities!

See some photos of the employee appreciation day fun below!

A Great Team is What Makes Felix’s BBQ With Soul Great!

At Felix’s BBQ With Soul, our mission is to “Contribute to client and customer wellbeing through exceptional service with the deliberate intent of providing great memorable experiences ‘Serving Southern Hospitality Daily’. We at Felix’s retain an attitude of relentlessly pursuing excellence in everything we do in such a way that clients and customers find outstanding.” We wouldn’t be able to even come close to accomplishing this mission without the teams at each of our locations. We also wouldn’t be able to keep the tradition of BBQ, soul food, and Southern hospitality going here in Southern California without this team!

These employees are the reason why we’re able to make the high-quality food we serve every day and that keeps all of our customers returning for more! A great BBQ and soul food restaurant isn’t just about the food, though, it’s also about the environment and the way visitors are treated. We’re lucky to have a team that understands the importance of providing everyone with Southern hospitality and compassion and all of this is what has allowed us to be successful! This is why the least we can do is show some employee appreciation.

If you’re looking for authentic BBQ in San Diego County or Lake Elsinore, we’d love to see you! Stop by any of our four locations or order online to make your visit more convenient.