Enjoy a Labor Day BBQ at Felix’s BBQ With Soul

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Although summer isn’t technically over until late September, once school is back in session and August is over, it may as well be the end of summer. Enjoy one last summer celebration this Labor Day! Of course, we all know that any Labor Day celebration requires barbecue, so if you’re looking for a “barbecue restaurant near me” to provide the perfect food, we have the answer for you: Felix’s BBQ With Soul!

We provide catering in San Diego County and the Lake Elsinore area, or you celebrate with us in person by visiting any of our dine-in locations.  Keep reading to learn more about the origins of Labor Day barbecue and our many options for you to enjoy a great meal this Labor Day.

How Did Labor Day Barbecue Become Popular?

Big outdoor barbecue parties have been part of American tradition and civic celebrations since the late 19th century, around the same time Labor Day first began to be observed. This explains why even the earliest Labor Day celebrations have featured barbecue.

By the early 1900s, most cities held large Labor Day barbecues to observe the holiday. At this time, these barbecues were typically accompanied by parades with music, pro-labor banners, and patriotic symbols.

Later in the century, most people came to observe Labor Day as a more public holiday dedicated to leisure activities like picnics and family outings. As this happened, Southern cooks decided to begin advertising their own barbecue for people to purchase and enjoy over the holiday.

This connection between Labor Day celebrations and barbecue continued on through the 1950s and 1960s when newspapers and magazines advertised everything necessary for a barbecue, like charcoal, grills, and meat. This cemented barbecue as the country’s preferred way to celebrate the holiday and we’ve been enjoying barbecue every Labor Day since!

Your Labor Day Barbecue Options From Felix’s BBQ With Soul

If you’ve been searching “barbecue restaurant near me” trying to find the perfect way to celebrate this upcoming holiday with your friends and family, look no further than Felix’s BBQ With Soul! Whether you’ll be hosting a party for everyone you know, attending a party, or you’re just looking for a restaurant to provide you with the delicious barbecue you’re looking for, we have an option that’ll work for you.

For those who will be hosting, you can choose from our extensive catering menus. We offer catered or delivered barbecue buffets, barbecue platters, and appetizer platters. We also have a Platters to Go menu, which features sandwich platters, breakfast buffet options, and our specialty salads. Finally, our Pans to Go menu offers pans of our side dishes, meats, and other items like cornbread, cakes, and pies. Order catering for your Labor Day party today! Even if you’ll simply be attending a party or potluck, some of us prefer to purchase something already made to take to the party rather than cooking ourselves. Order a pan of whatever fits your needs and show up to the party with something everyone will love!

If you’re not hosting or attending a party, but still don’t want to do your own cooking this Labor Day, you can still enjoy some great barbecue in San Diego County and Lake Elsinore. Stop by any of our dine-in locations and enjoy an authentic and delicious meal of barbecue and soul food! You can also call or order online for pick-up from any of our four locations in Carlsbad, Lake Elsinore, Oceanside, or San Marcos. Whatever your plans are for Labor Day weekend, we’d love to help you celebrate the holiday with great food!

Ribs in San Diego County From Felix’s BBQ With Soul

So if you’ve been searching for a “barbecue restaurant near me”, just know that Felix’s BBQ With Soul has you covered this Labor Day! You won’t just get great food, though. When you enter any of our locations, our goal isn’t just to provide you with great food, but the Southern hospitality that we believe should come with enjoying authentic BBQ and soul food as well. We always work hard to make sure you feel just as comfortable as you would at home.

Visit us today! You can even order online here. We hope we’ll see you soon!